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All about body wraps, muds & clays!

By Shankar

Maybe you've seen or heard about people wrapping or covering themselves up with exotic and odd products such as muds, clays and seaweed well I'll be sharing some of the unique and amazing benefits these products offer when applied all over your beautiful body...and yes, these products are included in our wellness life services!

The three of them have some common goals:

1. Help to eliminate toxins from your skin

2. Reduce cellulite and improve skin tone

3. Improve skin elasticity and boosts regeneration


One of the top benefits are their anti-inflammatory properties, because they are rich in minerals they can also alleviate muscle pains and aches. The soothing effect of mud and its minerals create many overall wellness benefits. Some of the minerals in our mud are zinc, sodium, bromine, magnesium and potassium. They also draw toxins and impurities from your skin!


The main goal of using clay on the skin is to absorb oils and control its shine. People with heavy oily skin may be already familiar with clay masks and its uses. It also helps to absorb impurities, bacteria, excess oils and rejuvenate the dermis (upper layers of the skin). In our experience, people with oily skin benefits the most but also people with normal or even dry skin will get some of its wonderful benefits depending on the type of clay they use.

Body Wraps

These are designed to improve the texture and overall appearance of the skin. Depending on the wraps used these also help the body to get rid of excess fluids and toxins. They provide more in-depth detoxification benefits due to the products and ingredients used. Body Wraps also boost the lymphatic system, increase metabolism tighten skin, and soften it too! Body Wraps will also make you thinner for a little while since they will temporarily dehydrate the adipocytes (fat cells) for at least 24 to 48 hours.

After your treatments are ready, we invite you to take a plunge in the ocean or take an outdoor shower on the back of our yacht to wash off the products...we promise this will be a memorable day for you, and also your skin ;-D

Thank you for reading! Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about the products we use or the amazing services we provide! :D

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