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Stretching Routines For a Happy Life

By Shankar

Elongating any limbs, or all your body at least once per day has numerous health and mood boosting benefits.

Per the ancient ones, a day should be divided in 3 balanced blocks of 8 hours each, 8 hours to work, 8 hours to sleep, and 8 hours to play. We can certainly carve anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes for ourselves.

Yes, we all have pulled more than once the 'Im not flexible' or 'I don't have time' excuses blah blahs... let me share with that as I've come to understand, you don't need to be flexible nor spend much time to create a new healthy habit while in isolation, and become a healthier and happier person at the same, lets just drop all excuses and start creating a routine that includes at least 5min of stretching, yoga, or simply mindfulness practice per day.

To motivate you a bit on the proven benefits end, here is are some important items to consider:

1. The best known benefit from a daily stretching routine is probably achieving an increased flexibility.

That said, flexibility and range of motion are not the only final goals. It would not make any sense for many of us to practice yoga only to become hyper flexible, for what purpose other than impressing our IG followers?

2. Achieving an increased flexibility is simply the result of different body systems working together, in very healthy ways.

Circulation is increased, nervous system is reset, lactic acid is literally 'squeezed' out from the muscle fibers, the nervous receptors that sense elasticity -called proprioceptors are also reset and relocated, bones and joints get realigned, also releasing any crystallizations or adhesions that otherwise cause a 'sand grinding' sensation when mobilizing joints, dramatically reduces stress, anxiety, calms the mind, boosts the immune system, improves moods, and many, many others....

Try it for a few minutes today! We can always help to get you started onboard one of our gorgeous boats and amazing instructors! You can also google or YouTube free videos. You'll find them for all levels :) explore them and have fun!

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