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Why using artisanal, hand-made scrubs, clays, and body wraps is important?

One of the pillars of our body treatments are the ingredients we use for our sea salt scrubs, clays, mud, and body wraps treatments.

All of them are prepared fresh for our treatments at sea or while docked at the marina. We tailor them uniquely to your skin type, and we’ve become great at it!

We use natural and organic ingredients that are easily absorbed and assimilated by our skin, they also provide diverse long-term benefits that are proven to reduce aging, restore, and improve the overall health of our skin.

I will talk more about muds, clays and body wraps in future posts, but to start, here are some of the benefits of the body scrubs.


Ingredients: Sea Salt or Epsom Salts (to help with lactic acid removal), essential oils (secret recipes), fresh rosemary leaves.

The main goals of any scrub are to remove superficial layers of dead skin cells, improving blood circulation, removing skin toxins, rejuvenating it and many more, but maybe the most important ones are to make you feel fresh and fantastic afterwards!

Some Benefits:

1. Opening clogged pores

2. Brighter and healthier looking skin

3. Exfoliating dead skin cells

4. Removing dull or lackluster spots of skin

5. Minimize the appearance of large pores

6. Helps prevent ingrown hairs

7. Makes hair removal much easier

8. Smoothes razor bumps

9. Reduces stress! :D

So here you go, now you have an excellent and healthy excuse to enjoy a day at sea with us onboard one of our luxury yachts, with our amazing and pampering Therapists while you become younger and even more beautiful!

Thank you for reading, please stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe for more practical luxury wellness and beauty info.

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