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We facilitate Spa & Wellness Services onboard our Luxury Charter Fleet and in Private Residences.


Our Signature Experiences are available exclusively in South Florida.


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This is a 3 hour experience where you will witness first hand the beauty and magic of Miami from the water, onboard a beautiful luxury yacht...

We depart from Miami Beach one hour before sunset, navigate across the diverse Biscayne Bay islands and their magnificent waterfront estates, meanwhile, everyone learns the proper use of diverse fun and productive wellness tools such as proven breathing techniques, mindfulness meditation, soothing yoga, and more!


During this time you will also design and create your own self-empowering bracelet using gorgeous crystal gemstones such as amethyst, quartz, turquoise, citrine, jasper, and others...

By the time is time to watch the sunset you'll be fully present, wearing a new bracelet,   feeling fantastic, and ready to enjoy the amazing views of the Miami Skyline and their spectacular night lights...

at this time we open the wine, beer, tea, or soda water...

We continue to navigate around some of the most beautiful buildings and Miami landmarks, before setting our course back to Miami Beach.

Price: $299 per guest, we need a minimum of 10 paid guests to set sail. We have other charter times available.

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Gourmet Meal


Are you planning a special event for your partner or group of friends? Do you LOVE food as much as we do? Then this is experience is right for you!


We bring onboard the best Chefs and their Staffs to prepare a signature dinner exclusively for your party. Just sit back, enjoy, eat, drink, and be merry while sailing onboard one of our 80ft Luxury Yachts.

Our FOODIES AT SEA experience is fully customizable to meet the highest food, wine, and pairing standards. Wether you're vegan with a specific menu in mind or simply have any unique gourmet edible requests, we got you covered!

Simply share with us your favorite cuisine, or dishes, spices, beverages and/or desserts. Our Chefs create every time the perfect dining experience around on your favorite food,  will last for a lifetime!

We also have driver pick-up and drop-off services for up to 10 guests in Miami, and some areas of Los Angeles.

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We offer all-inclusive wellness packages, starting from 4 hours to a full week onboard our exclusive luxurious vessels. Our groups have a maximum capacity of 12 guests per yacht. Two or more yachts can be booked and sail at the same time. All our services are also available at your own home (at Miami & Los Angeles metro areas).


Your experience includes everything! From gourmet food, cold-pressed juices, to very effective and enjoyable spa services such as massages, seaweed body wraps, scrubs, muds & clays, reiki, guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, breathing techniques, flotation therapies, oxygen therapies, and many more!


We're always happy to hear from you and help you customize your perfect wellness and spa day experience!


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We're based in Miami Beach, FL. We currently have vessels moored in South Beach, Bal Harbour, Ft Lauderdale, and NYC.

Our most popular destinations are Miami, Bahamas, Bimini, Private Islands, and the Florida Keys.


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